Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns and self-quarantines have become commonplace. This has made it difficult, or impossible, to go about the routines you used to keep, including taking your child to ballet class.

Thankfully, you can bring some normalcy back into your child’s life by signing up for live ballet classes online!

You no longer have to miss any dance ballet lessons, thanks to the marvels of modern technology. We agree that there is nothing that can completely replace a real ballet studio class.

However, you can come as close to being there as possible with an online class from your home.

All you need to do is make a few adjustments to the space in your home you will have the class in. This will ensure that your child can enjoy their ballet lessons at home until studio classes come back.


Here is what you can do.


Set Up the Space




1. Choose  a location that has at least one full-length mirror. Let this be an area that is also as soundproofed as possible from the rest of your home, if you think it will cause disruptions.



2. Make sure the floor is as similar to the studio floor as possible. Otherwise, you can buy a roll-out mat for use during the class.



3. Consider other equipment that may be used during a class.

For instance, you can make a portable DIY barre out of PVC piping. Portable ballet barres and dance mats are sold on Amazon and online dance supply shops.



4. Organize the dance space by moving aside any potential obstacles.


Learning Ballet at Home Is Easy Now


It’s important for your child to continue on with their ballet classes, so they don’t fall out of practice, and so they receive all the wonderful benefits of taking a ballet class.

Until the pandemic restrictions are completely lifted, and it’s safe to return to class, you can create a mini-studio right within your home.


The Graceful Swan now features live ballet classes! All classes are conducted via Zoom and provide a fun and engaging personalized ballet class for your child.

Sign up for a virtual class today to keep their ballet routine up until in-person classes resume.