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Our Mission


To educate and empower students to achieve their best performance excellence in dance and confidence.



          Evelyn Wong is classically trained in ballet in Singapore and New York starting at the age at eight. She has graced local and international stages, won numerous accolades, having previously featured on Channel News Asia, The Straits Times, Dans Magazine and local TV and radio.

As an International Student Leadership and European Cultural of International Understanding Scholar, she graduated from Manhattanville College in Communication Studies, with a strong background in dance. 

Under the wonderful tutelage of Julliard, Royal Ballet, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, Harvard alumni and other World class dance and holistic mentors, she have been sharing my passion of dance and performance excellence coaching for the last 16 years.

Her students have performed in international musicals, and accepted into some of the world’s best ballet programmes, dance conservatoires in Australia, Russia, Switzerland and the United States,




In 2008, she experienced a transformative journey after traumatic head injuries which left her unable to move much, losing her flexibility and to regain her memory. This led to her strong passion of mindfulness movement, strengthening her own flexibility and later on, developed more holistic approaches of educating dance for students.

Such experiences helped her to to develop dance programs for greater performance achievement. Her clients range from 14months to 72 years old, including children with learning struggles.

       I have known Ms Evelyn for almost five years, during which she has been my daughter’s ballet teacher. Ms Evelyn is a soft spoken, gentle and kind person, always reliable and punctual. She delivers her dance classes with the same gentleness, kindness and empathy towards her students, yet with absolute confidence and discipline in her approach. She has the most gracious and elegant posture and always models the correct techniques to her students.


     Even when she suffered from injury, she always had a smile on her face! She has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the RAD curriculum and always demonstrates with confidence and clarity. Ms Evelyn has a wonderful creative instinct for choreography and I have witnessed at least 5 ballet concerts where she had solo dancers, small and bigger groups of different ages, performing age appropriate movements and techniques with precision and fineness.


      Ms Evelyn is an experienced dancer and teacher and I could see how my daughter has developed under her capable guidance. Not only did Ms Evelyn care about my daughter’s ballet skills, but she genuinely cared for her as a person, a teenager going through physical and emotional changes. Thank you, Ms Evelyn, for being such a role model and inspiration!

Theunis Prins, South Africa

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