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Evelyn Wong

Founder of The Graceful Swan

Be Vibrant, Be Flexible, Be-You-tiful.

Children Classical Ballet


Classical Ballet has been always been regarded as a beautiful dance form and encourages continual refinement of grace, techniques and clarity. The Graceful Swan provides classes aged 3 and up.



We provide a highly supportive and nurturing environment for children to learn and enjoy Classical Ballet. Our classes are unique as we focus on the “Joyful experiential learning and technical precision”, using advanced educational techniques in Early Childhood, Ballet, Theatre, Psychology and more.


We provide a well-rounded dance education that supports children to progress into pre-professional programs, be more versatile and successful in their academic, and personal development.


• Creativity
• Focus
• Manners
• Balance
• Flexibility
• Resilience
• Poise
• Multi-tasking Abilities
• Leadership & Teamwork


“Miss Evelyn is a very kind person and really good ballet teacher. She always looks after you. You always have fun in her class.”

Liz, 7yrs old

I love dancing because it is my passion and dream. I enjoyed every second I am with Miss Evelyn because she is the best teacher in the world and I learn everything


Sophie, 10yrs old



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