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Adult Classes & Corporate Workshops


We provide semi-private/private classes and corporate workshops. Our personalised programs help you to develop your “Dancing Spine” and to achieve your personal wellness goals. You become more flexible, vibrant and toned from the first session.


Prima Ballerina Strength and Flexibility (PBSF)
This is our signature-more intense yet therapeutic choice to improve your total body strength and stretch. Precise barre techniques and floorwork are taught. You will develop better poise, muscle tone and flexibility.


Aroma Movement Stretch (AMS)
Our anti-aging restorative stretch integrates the finest essential oils, movement and breathwork techniques to improve your flexibility, posture and coordination. You will walk out feeling Uplifted.


A must try for stress management, for all who desires a relaxing Perk-me-Up.

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Class Location

Tanjong Pagar




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Prima Ballerina Strength and Flexibility
Monday 12.15-1.15pm
Tuesday 7.30-8.30pm
Aroma Movement Stretch
Tuesday 6.30pm-7.30pm


     Aromatic stretches with Essential Oils takes a unique approach to exercising for wellness. It integrates the sensibilities of aromatherapy into movement, thereby adding another dimension towards our wellness. As our bodies are not separate from our feelings and mindsets, the essential oils used stimulate our minds to be in tune with our bodies.

    The movements themselves are different, as they are conscientious and deliberately gentle yet working the muscles and joints deeply. Small movements can lead to big changes in how the body responds, moves and feels! This method also helps to create body awareness so that we prevent injuries to ourselves in our standing, sitting and walking postures. The essential oils relax or energize us, depending on what our bodies need.

     Evelyn is an excellent instructor and her thoughtfulness led her to come up with these routines. Her energy is boundless and her caring and desire for her students’ wellbeing is apparent as she takes us through the sequences.

TJ, Singapore

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