A dance mentor can provide an exceptional opportunity to excel in any dance style you are interested in and they are experienced in. Having a mentor that will give helpful, personalized guidance will separate someone from being just decent and being extraordinary. There are certain qualities you should look for in a dance mentor, whether they are teaching online or at a dance studio.




Here are the qualities they should exhibit:




A top-notch dance mentor has refined their skills in the art of dance. They will know all the intricacies of their chosen craft and will have developed a reputation for doing so. The best dance mentors will understand the art through and through. They may have also gone to dance academies and schools, which demonstrates their passion went through a structured learning process.




The best teachers are passionate about dance and will bring that to a class. Every class should be as fun as it should be educational. This allows students to excel in their dance classes. Passion permeates everything they do and drives them to motivate their students, which helps them perfect their moves.




A great dance mentor will motivate students to become better dancers. They will be supportive so that every student succeeds. They will be able to identify mistakes that a student is making and masterfully addressed them, as to not make them feel embarrassed.




Each student that enrolls in a dance class will have a different level of skill and absorb the instructions at a different pace. This means certain students will learn more slowly than others. Having patience to accommodate those students is a sign of a great dance teacher because they know how to help them and keep them motivated, without them feeling like they are unable to excel.




Similar to being patient, a top-notch dance mentor will be attentive to the unique needs of each student. They will know what something needs to be polished up or when a student could use some additional flexibility training. There is no one-size-fits-all set of instructions given out. Everyone gets tailored instructions that work best for them.


Ballet Summer Camp With a Top-Notch Dance Mentor


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