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August Workshop coming soon!


Happy Birthday 53th Singapore!



Come and join us for a memorable birthday celebration of Singapore in The Graceful Swan style.


We are having a special family bonding workshop with cookie decor and creative ballet workshop.



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July Joy of Giving and Sharing 

We embrace the joy of educating people in holistic approaches to healthier body and humanitarian efforts!

A huge thank you for support from Gluten-Free Makan and Cluny Court Singapore for the successful collaboration!

Our Stress Buster Bendy Body Aroma Workshop were able to raise funds from the quick sold out food sale proceeds to support The ECPAT International against child trafficking! Thank you for your support!

May- The Duo Combination of Essential oils and Movement healing. 

We are pleased to be invited to conduct our Aroma Movement Stretch workshop the second time with Young Living Singapore this year! Thank you for your support for us. We had more families joining us in the joy of learning ways to improve our bodies and family health.

Do I need ballet experience to join the Adult classes?

No. We have students ranging from non-dancers, pilates, yoga trainers, former dancers, mums, corporate staff and men coming in to join us. The classes are progressive, meaning that the classes are tailored to meet the students learning needs and pace.

What is the difference between Prima Ballerina Strength and Flexibility and Aroma Movement Stretch?

Prima Ballerina Strength and Flexibility focuses on precise techniques on sculpting and toning to achieve more of the dancer figure, stamina, poise and posture.

Aroma Movement Stretch is created to support individuals who need a restorative, effective workout. It provides therapeutic deep release of tight muscles, allowing you to be physically and emotionally recharged, relaxed and bendy.

What shall we wear to Adult class?

  • Regular yoga workout tops, leggings, non-slip socks
  • Ballet wear- Leotard, leggings, wrap skirt (Optional) for PBSF.
  • Ballet shoes are highly recommended for PBSF

“Remember to smile, ladies”

From plié to arabesque, Evelyn has an unique way of teaching the finer points be it the basic ballet movements, or the more demanding exercises. Her unfailing bright smile greeted the class, and she patiently watched over us as we struggled sometimes to execute the movements. She was observant on how we balanced or not balanced.

“Your right hip is tighter than your left hip – do more stretching. ” was one of the examples of her attention to me during the sessions. Her vast experience in teaching ballet helped us to learn and understand the muscles and correct postures, with the correct control of the limbs and body without hurting our bodies. I had always felt refreshed after every class with her, and I looked forward to her classes whenever I could make time.

Beyond ballet, her bright personality and professionalism underscored each session, and I could not wait to attend her next class.

Sincerely yours,

Nicole SK Teo, Singapore

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